Assam in Records

• Dhodar Ali is a famous road built during the Ahom kingdom. This road was built by King Gadadhar Singha (1681-1696) in 1687. This road is connecting from south-eastern Kamargaon of Golaghat through Golaghat town and touching Kamarbandha and Titabar-Mariani and joining Joypur near Namrup. This road is about 185 km (115 miles) long. The pupils who pretended to be sluggards to escape the responsibilities declared by the king were forced to build this road and hence the road was later known as ‘Dhodar Ali’. Largest Joint Family • The Bapusan Peau’s family consisting of 51 members is in Bahfala village about 25 km north-west of Jorhat town of Assam. The family members stay together in the same house and they prepare and eat their food together.This is probably the only largest joint family of Assam.

The Tallest Shiva Temple in India • The tallest Shiva temple (Shivadoul) of India is in Sivasagar, Assam. In 1734. ‘Barraja’ Ambika (Ahom Swargadeo Shiva Shinga’s queen) constructed this temple. Its height is 32 meter (104 ft) and the curcumference of base is 195 ft.

Largest Naamghar • The largest Naamghar of north-east is in Kaliapani, Teok. This Naamghar was established as a branch of Auniaati Satra of Majuli and it is 129 ft long and 63 ft wide. The length of the Manikut is 63 ft and width is 63 ft. The total amount of land of the Satra is 250 bighas. The Manikut of this Satra was inaugurated on 16 March, 2004.

Blind but • Bhootnath Sarma, residence of Makhibaha village of Nalbari District is possessor of amazing talents. He has been recognised as ‘Earthen Artist’ for his works of earthen idols of various Gods-Goddesses and historical persons, and he has been engaged in this vocation for more than a half century. Unluckily this artist lost his eyesight at his mid-life. But miraculously talented Bhootnath Sarma acquired the skills of making replica idols without having the power to see. Bhootnath Sarma has become a living legend for creating replica idols of Goddess Durga, Ganesh, Kartik, Shri Krishna, Swaraswati and various other Gods-Goddesses without having eyesight.

Robin Bor’s Miraculous Drawing • Artist Robin Bor can miraculously draw in tremendous speed with his right hand, left hand, legs and his mouth. He can draw three different drawings at the same time using his both hands 1ild legs. He can draw portrait even when blindfolded. He can (ILiw oil painting without using any brush and only using his fingers within three or five minutes. He can create `Abstract Art’ by without touching the canvass but by blowing powdered color particles through his mouth. Robin Bor along with his few students and associates exhibits art  shows in Assam and other states. This show has been named as ‘Miraculous Drawing Show’. In this shows he draws around 100 to 120 portraits in the duration of an hour. Another highlight is drawing water coloured drawing within three minutes. Moreover he can transform meaningless sketches by any person to a meaningful art. He can finish a drawing without raising his pen-pencil from paper. He can draw a complete drawing in a single rice or pulse grain. Robin Bor can lead a meaningful thread of poetry till an hour based on any single stanza of Assamese, Hindi or Bengali poetry; however this can be possible only in Bengali language. Currently he has training center in various places of Assam. Apart from drawing he also practices earthen craft and sculpture. In 2008 Robin Bor participated in Sabbas India, Zee TV and drew 50 drawings in one minute. This is a record. Olympic Football Team Captain • India participated for the first time in London Olympic Football in 1948. The captain of this Football team was from Assam (then). His name was Dr Talimaren Aao (Nagaland). Oldest Gold Medalist • Arun Chandra Dutta of Dibrugarh won a gold medal in the 10 km Road Race Arun Chandra Dutta during firing the All Assam Amateur Veteran Athletics at Guwahati from .L inuary 21-24, 2003 at the age of 82. He also won a gold medal Imphal during the National Veteran Athletics Championship (April 16-19, 2003) in the 10 km Road Race and a bronze medal in 800 m run in the 82 year age group. As the oldest winner of golden medal of India, Arun Chandra Dutta’s name was included Limca Book of Records.

 Amphibious Vehicle • Kanak Gogoi, a businessman from Guwahati has built a small milchine boat capable of driving in both land and water. On 16 June, 2005, Gogoi r, demonstrated the features of this machine boat in Sukreshwar Ghat. Guwahati. This boat is made of tin, aluminium and iron and can  host three people on board. Kanak Gogoi has used a small generator set as the engine of this boat. This boat is run on petrol and is devised with three auto-rickshaw wheels to facilitate its driving around Ow roads. Similarly a motorcycle handle has been used to steer tin hoat. Gogoi also demonstrated driving the boat in the city’s wilds after sailing in Brahmaputra. Also mentionable, earlier to thr; on 23 April, 2005, Kanak Gogoi demonstrated a special cycle  capable running in water made by him in Dighali Pukhuri, Guwahati

The Longest Wooden Bridge of North-East India • (The longest bridge of north-east India is in above the Gelabil river of Mahuramukh of Bokakhat sub-division of Golaghat district. This bridge is known as Mahura Bridge and it was built in 1977-78. The length of this bridge is .207 m and width is 5.60 m.

Bridge Made from a Single Piece of Stone -The famous Namdang Stone Bridge is situated above Namdang River, 12 km from Sivasagar, was constructed by workman brought from Bengal during the reign of King Rudra Singha in 1703. The length of the bridge is  about 70 m (232 ft), breadth is about 6 m (21 ft) and depth about 1.5 m (5 ft). Uniqueness is that it is made from a single piece of stone. The present National Highway 37 is passing over the bridge.

Bamboo Compass • Bhabesh Sarma, a resident of Garber Supa, nearby Koithalkusi, Nalbari district, has built a ‘Planetary Compass’ made out of bamboo. It took two years for Sarma to build this compass. The main compass is made of bamboo and it has components of rattan cane, wood and electronic parts also. This compass can be used to study different activities of the solar system and the positions of planets and satellites. According to Sarma., it is possible to detect positions of planets and satellites for hundred years, i.e. 1950 to 2050 with the help of this compass. Earlier to this Bhabesh Sarma has built different unconventional products and a replica of historical Bilveswar Devalaya and a robot from bamboo and wood. First Embossed Book Cover • The first Assamese book published with an embossed cover is Asomiya Book of Records. The book was first published in 2006 and edited by Santanu Kausik Baruah.

Book Published of Poetry Written Reverse • Bijayalakshmi Saharia, a student of Sankardev Sishu Niketan, Sipajhar, can naturally write alphabets reversely. Bijayalakshmi has published two poetry books namely Mayor and Pokhila written in this manner. Because of the writings in reverse her writings can only be possible to read after reflecting in a mirror.

The Lowest Priced Magazine • (Probably) the lowest priced magazine of the world is published from Jorhat. The name of the magazine is Collage; cost is five paisa only. The bimonthly magazine comes with 24 pages and the editor is Ujjal Paogam. On 5 September, 2003 this magazine was inaugurated by five inaugurators; via five different places of Assam in the same time. This magazine is published by an organisation named `Shabda’ from Jorhat.

Youngest writer-  A student of Asom Jatiya Vidyalaya, Guwahati, Shakil Injam Hossain (born : 30 July, 1994) wrote a poe.m named Nao at the age of three: In 2002, when he was 8 years old, his first poetry collection named Dhou Khela Soisob was published. It is probably the smallest book published in Assamese language. The measure of the book is 10.5 cm x 7 cm and 32 pages.

Writer of Highest Numbers of Book • The sole leader of Assamese suspense literature, writer Ranju Hazarika (real name Kumud Hazarika) has created record for continuously and rapidly writing books from last 40 years. In 1969-70 Hazarika’s first novel Bahurupi was published, and till December 2015 his about 750 books have been published. This is a record. Along with Ranju Hazarika has established many unconventional examples in Assamese literature. Till date his books are published by more than 50 publishers and almost every artist has drawn covers for his books. In 2003, at North-East Book Fair 25 novels of Ranju Hazarika were inaugurated at the same time. Ranju Hazarika was the first writer to publish his novel serially in daily newspaper. It is hard to believe but, currently he has been writing, using more than 30 pen names and his decision to depend on the pen as a livelihood has been quite successful so far.

The Longest Sentence • Prafulla Kumar Sarma of Bar Ajara village, Nalbari, has created a record by writing three longest sentences. Sarma has written a book named Pragati with only one sentence, consisting of 3,601 words. The other two longest sentence’s of Sarma are consequently Banpani of 1,640 words and Sorkari Alibat of 777 words. Sunil Kumar Saikia, a resident of Disoinagar, Jorhat has a story named Ijonotkoi Sijon Sora with only a single sentence consisting of 886 words. The story has been included in Sakia’s collection named Disoi Paror Sadhu. Sunil Kumar Saikia also write a book named Disoi Paror Me/ in 2011 with only one single sentence consisting of 5,555 words, 534 coma and 11 semi colon. Another longest sentence of Assamese literature was the sentence of 628 words written by Lakshminath Bezbaruah in his speech for 7th convention of Asom Sahitya Sabha held in 1924, Guwahati. Mentionable, French novelist Victor Hugo, received the recognition of writing the world’s longest sentence. In his famous Prafrilla kumar Surnta book Les Miserables (1832) there is a sentence of 423 words, 93 commas, and 37 semicolons. This sentence of Hugo was recognised in the Guinness World Records as the longest sentence of the world. Record with Reverse Letters

• Uttam Das, (born: 1976) a resident of Silapathar, Dhemaji has created a record by writing backwards letters (mirror language). Since 1998, Das has finished writing Bible, Gita, Naamghosa and other books with reverse language. The writings of Das, written from right hand’s side to left hand’s side, can only be read after reflecting in a mirror. Das can write this way in Assamese, Hindi, English language along with Urdu and Arabic. Das has finished writing six chapters from the Bible in ‘mirror language’. He started this job in December 2004 and finished in the month of June 2005. This unique talent of his has been Included in the Limca Book of Records. Written in the direction from right hand to left hand, his writings can only be read by eflecting in a mirror.

Grantha • Among the regional languages of India the first magazine on books in Assamese, Grantha was published in 1996 from Guwahati. Mainly due to financial reasons the first issue was closed down after its release. The only issue of Grantha was contained with discussions and information of almost sixty books and interesting writings of many foremost writers. The editor of the magazine was Diganta Oza. II is heard that Oza has planned to publish the magazine again.

Tinsukia to Dhuburi on Foot • I ladhiram Baruah, a 84 year old resident of Kuhiabari village, I insukia, created an unique record on February, 2005 by walking from Tinsukia to Dumardah, Dhuburi on bare foot. He started Iris journey on 25 October, 2004 and took more than three months on bare foot and only an Eri robe wrapped around his body .and reached Dumardah on 9 February, 2005. He took shelter in particular temples and different people’s households during this long journey. Hadhiram Baruah ventured on this journey for attending 74th conference of Srimanta Sankar Sangha, Dumardah. He believed the lord’s saying to be the elixir of his life.

 Malin can Sing without Opening Mouth • Malin Medhi, a resident Tihu Makhibaha, Nalbari district, can sing clearly without moving his lips or without opening his mouth. Moreover, Malin’s tongue is very long, 83 mm (8.3 cm). With the help of this tongue he can smoke five-six cigarettes at a go without touching his lips. Previously Malin even created record by lifting weights up to five hundred grams with the help of his tongue.

Needle Through the Face • Patesh Talukdar, a resident of Parakuchi, nearby Mirza, has created a unique example by inserting needle through his face. Once in a programme he inserted 24 needles into his face. In addition to this Patesh can gash his body with a blade and apply salt to the wounds, and can effortlessly eat tube lights and brick. On 10 March, 2011, in a special programme held in Mumbai, Patesh was successful in entering his name under Guinness World Records for eating glasses weighing 100 grams and one and half liter lemon juice in 1 minute 27 seconds.

Floating above water for 10-12 hours • Munindra Sarma a tantric and a fortune-teller, resident of Kothalmura Village, Nalbari can float above water for 10-12 hours with the aid of Yoga. Sarma has already created a record on 31 July, 2010 by floating without flinching for four hours in a pond of Manasa Temple in Deharkuchi village, Nalbari in front of thousands of people.

`Dev Anand’ of Jorhat • Jiten Bordoloi of Jorhat wants to copy the working style, walking style, dressing style and the Albert styled hairstyle and the  withdrawing of handkerchief from pocket till – tying it around the neck in particular fashion of the famous actor Dev Anand of Hindi film industry. In addition, Bordoloi has unbelievable similarity of looks with the   famous actor of Hindi industry around the Sixties. Jiten Bordoloi has been imitating Dev Anand from his school days.

 Chilli Girl • Anandita (Tamuly) Dutta of Titabar, is planning to create a world record by eating 60 — `Bhot Jolokiya’ (a kind of large and very hot chilli). Anandita can effortlessly mesh 24 `Bhot Jolokiya’ to her eyes within a minute. Mentionable, `Bhot jolokiya’ is most acrid chilly in the world. According to the data of Guinness World Records, Anita Crafford from South Africa has the record of eating the highest number of chilies. On 10 August 2002, she created this record by eating eight chilies in a minute. Guinness World Records has already sent invitation to Anandita to showcase her rare ability. Similarly, Anandita has gained huge recognition by performing in an around many countries, places and television shows.

The ‘Gandhi’ of Assam • Narayan Bora of Gadmur village, Bokakhat, was widely known as `Assam’s Mahatma Gandhi’, as in he followed Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy, his dressing manners, and walking postures. He used to serve in the Indian Army and after witnessing the atrocities of World War II; he was devastated and became attracted towards the Gandhian philosophy. He not only followed the Gandhian philosophy he also started to follow every behaviour and habits of Gandhi. He used to wear wooden sandal like Gandhi, quit non-vegetarian food, used to wear only hand woven clothes and he also used to wear a clock around his waist. He also acknowledged the intrinsic values of the Gita and possessed strange similarities with Mahatma Gandhi. Narayan Bora passed away at the age of 68 in 2003.

 Funeral Creates World Record • Legendary singer-composer of Assam Bhupen Hazarika’s funeral has created a world record with the highest number of people paying tributes to him over two days. According to Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, more than 5,00,000 people attended the funeral of ‘The Bard of the Brahmaputra’ and about 3 crore people watched it on television world wide. Hazarika died on November 5, 2011 in Mumbai and his body lay in State at the historic Judges Field for two days from the night of November 7 for people to pay their homage before cremation on November 9. The Wikipedia has a list of notable funerals representing historical funerals, based on both the number of attendants and estimated television audience.

  Writing with Leg • The young lady Rani Singha, a resident of Routa area of Udalguri District has created a record by writing with her legs. She had no hands from her birth and she learned eating with her legs and other work and techniques from her childhood. Eventually she was able to write with her legs. Currently Anita can very effortlessly perform these acts, combing her hair, making hand fan, mat and bamboo platter using bamboo, moping floor, washing dishes, cooking food, helping in the paddy fields etc. She also appeared in the HSSLC examination in 2006 by writing with her legs. ‘

First Farmer Revolution • On 28 January, 1894, the farmers got in face to face battle with the British as a protest of raise on the tax levied on their lands, in Patharughat. Known as the first farmer revolution during the Indian freedom movement, 140 people died and more than 150 people were injured in this revolution. It is known as the Battle of Patharughat, due to its occurrence in Patharughat. The Patharughat region is currently situated in 12 km south from Mangaldai town of Darrang district. Uncle Robin’s Children Museum • The first Children Museum of India, formed with the endeavor of a single person is situated on the main road in Golaghat town. A naturalist of international repute, Padmashree Dr Robin Banerjee, built this museum single handly with different valuables collected from around the world. The museum named ‘Uncle Robin’s Museum’, has the collection of ranges of toys from various corner of the world, China’s history written with yak’s fur, different replica’s built of fish bone’s, different objects used by different tribes of the north-east and other personal collections of Dr Benerjee’s lifetime.

Personal Museum • Pankaj Gobinda Medhi of Santipur, Nalbari has single handly built a personal museum. In this museum there are bamboo suitcases, hookah and bamboo combs of different shapes, bricks of ancient forts like Red Fort, Talatal Ghar and others, coins of East India Company, Paper notes of different countries, hand writings of different remarkable personalities of Assam, hundreds of postal stamps of India and other countries etc. The name of Medhi’s museum is ‘Shri Bharati’. Letters to the Editor • Nirod Kumar Goswami of Golaghat, has created a record by writing letters to the editor of magazines and newspapers. From 1987 to July, 2005 Goswami has published a total number of 1,912 letters in different magazines and journals of Assam. Among them 1,173 letters were published in Aajir Asom newspaper. Mentionable, Kama! Chandra Baruch. Subhash Chandra Aggarwal from Delhi, India, holds the record of writing highest numbers of letters to the editor. The number of letters written by Aggarwal is 1,226. Comparing this, the number of letters of Nirod Kumar Goswami can be declared as world record. Jiban Saikia (real name Kamal Chandra Baruah) has also joined Goswami in creating records in this field. From,1939 to the time of his death (13 June, 2008) Saikia published approximately 2,000 letters in different journals. Naturally this is also a record. Longest Kept Diary • Ajayananda Bora, of Guwahati, kept a daily diary for over 50 years. He began writing on January 1,1961 and continued till now (2012). Bora was born near Pabhoi Tea Estate, near Bishwanath Chariali in 1943. He started writing diary regularly since the time he was studying in Darrang College. Bora has been writing diaries fi-om than till now, more than 50 years. Mentionable, in this more than 50 years period every letter-word-sentence of his diaries are in perfect form. Bora carries his diary wherever he goes. In fact, on his wedding day after returning from the bride’s house, he inscribed about the most important day of his life in his diary. During last 50 years he was admitted in hospital for only one day. On that day (14 August, 2003), he also filled in his diary. The exceptional point here is that, from last five decades Ajayananda Bora, has not only including his personal matters in his diary but, he also capture the changes of lifestyle and the price hikes of goods. It is mentioned in his diary that in 1973, the price of petrol was Rs. 1.60 per liter. In 1978 the price of gold was 880 per tola. The Limca Book of Records has included his name as Longest Kept Diary jn 2007. In One Minute • Anuradha Mandal from Silcharcan douse 26 candle in a minute with here braids. This is a world record. Rice Drawing • Suchibrata Roy, from Amrikhua village, nearby Sarthebari, has created a record for crafting different drawings from rice. He has already designed a drawing of Bhupen Hazarika’s song Aami Ekekhon Naore Yatri’ with paddy and red lentils. In the drawing the song has been depicted as a symbol of unity with the help of using ‘The Trishul’ of the Hindus, ‘The Cross’ of the Christians and ‘The Crescent Moon’ of the Muslims. Similarly he has created the drawing named.

`The Great India’ by only using paddy. For this drawing Suchibrata has received a certificate from former president A P J Abdul Kalam. Suchibrata has also created a unique record for publishing highest number of drawings in the children pages of newspapers of Assam. During the year 2000-2004, a total number of 40 of his drawings were published in the newspapers of Assam. In 2008 Suchibrata organised an art exhibition with a line of drawings leading 23 districts of Assam. In 2009 he also gained special recognition by transforming the famous poem Mamatar Sithi of Hem Barua, into paddy collage.

World’s Smallest River Island • Umananda of Assam is the smallest river island of the world. The area of Umananda is 13 bigha, 3 kotha.

Wonder Boy Bashabraj • Bashabraj Neog, a resident of Disoi Nagar, Jorhat, has created a record by letting 550 motor cycles to continuously run over his body. In September, 2007 Bashab showcased his ability in front of the public in Guwahati. In that year, on 23 September, Bashab created record by breaking lines of one thousand tube lights with his bare body by riding his motor cycle on the highway of Jorhat. Bashabraj is a black belt second daan holder and he has also showed his skills in these categories like eating live earth-worms, removing coconut crust with his fingers, breaking bricks with his hands, sucking kerosene through a pipe inserted to his nose and letting out fire through his mouth, eating tube lights etc.

Smallest Spoons- Knives made of Bamboo • Tiridib Mahanta from Naharkatia has created a unique record by manufacturing bamboo spoons and knives. Mahanta has deweloped many products that can be use in day to day life and with recyclable value, using very dried (almost 6 years) `Jati’ barmboo. Mahanta got started in 2003 in this bamboo art and he has himself designed all the tools needed for it. The products with day to day use designed by Mahanta are : forks of different shEapes, spatulas and knives etc. All of these are recyclable. Along with this Mahanta has created world’s smallest forks, kniives. The length and width of these products are similar : (1) fortk 6 mm, (2) spoon 6 mm, (3) knife 6.5 mm, (4) butter spoon 5.5 mm.

Continuously 24 Hours • Abhijit Baruah, a 23-year old youth of Jorhat has created a world record and enlist his name in the Guinness World Records by completing a run of 156.2 km barefoot in 24 hours. He started running from Tarajan bypass approach, Jorhat on 30) January, 2012 at 3.56 pm and ended his run around the same time next day, i.e. on 31 January, 2012. As reported, this is the first record of its kind in the world, as the Guinness World Records does not have any record of any individual running such a distance barefoot for 24 hours. Abhijit is the first man in the world who run more then 150 km barefoot within 24 hours. Longest Scratch Art • The  Guinness World Records authorities described the art form of Apuraj Baruah, who got his name entered in the Guinness World Records for the longest scratch art, was an innovative one. His piece is 20 m long and 1 m board, and contains 40 pictures of world’s folk dances. Apuraj has been practicing scratch art on bromide papers, generally used for printing photographs, with the help of razor blades, for the past about 18 years. He was the first man to have achieved this feat for scratch art.

World’s Smallest Durga Idol • In 2010, Sujit Das of Nagaon has created a one inch Durga idol on a piece of chalk. It takes him only 30 minutes to finish his engraving on chalk sticks. The idol has been already recognised as the’World’s Smallest Durga Idol’ by as many as 10 national and international record book organisations. Apart from the famed Durga idol, the artist has made images of eminent personalties like Bhupen Hazarika, Mother Teresa and Barack Obama.

Badminton Stroke Practicing Machine • Subhash Das of Nagaon invented a ‘badminton stroke practicing machine’ which consists of an iron frame covered with a belt having small pockets to hold shuttles is mounted. A motor powers the belt. These pockets hold the shuttlecock, which, drop one after another. The machine assists a player to practice and develop skills without requiring him to pick up the shuttles repeatedly and hence, helps in focused practice sessions. The machine also caters to the need of having a trainer or another player to initiate practice. Moreover, due to dropping the shuttles at regular interval, it saves time and enhances interest in the game.In the year 2005, this product appeared in the market for the first time.

Most Kites Flown on a Single String • Zaheer Abbas and Shivaji Bora of Loharpatty,Dibrugarh, along with their team members Washif Alam Abbas ,Sabir Abbas, Rupam.Das flew 50 kites on a single line with lights on them for 2 hours on the banks of Brahmaputra on January 26,2009 on the occasion of Republic day. The small electrical lights on the kites were supplied AC current from the ground. Lamp Burning for Longest Duration • The earthen lamp in Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar (Namghar is a place of worship in Assam), which was established by Saint-Reformer Madhavdeva and situated near Jorhat, has been burning for 484 years years continuously, since its first kindling in 1428 (1450 saka) by the revered saint himself. The priests of the Namghar religiously re-fuels the earthern lamp to keep it burning continuously. Pomegranate De-Seeder • Uddhab Barali, a 45 years old North Lakhimpur of Assam is a serial innovator who has designed and prototyped an entire range of mechanical innovations since its innovation in 1987. The present innovation is for deseeding pomegranate. It separates the outer cover and thin inner membrane without damaging the seeds. It has a capacity of deseeding 50-55 kg of pomegranate fruits per hour. The machine has also been exported to Turkey and the USA. A motorised blade is incorporated in the machine, which halves the pomegranate fruits, one at a time. The halved pomegranates are then fed into the hopper from where they fall into the processing chamber wherein the separation of seeds from the peel and other fibrous parts take place. The seeds are collected via collecting tray while the other unwanted parts are ejected from another outlet.

Longest One Shot, Silent Feature Film – Ashok Surma (born on January 1, 1972), has directed a feature film named That Night in Quest of His Beloved’. This 97 minutes 38 seconds silent feature film, which was shot on February 6, 2011, at Guwahati, is the longest one-take feature film in the world. The character in the film was portrayed by Pradeep Nisith.

Brass Lamp • Nayan Kumar (born January 1, 1979) and Jitu Moni Sharma (born March 8, 1973) established the NGO, The Assimilation Group of Assam at Hajo in 1997. The NGO works against terrorism, corruption, anti-social activities and more. On October 13, 2010, the organisation made the largest brass lamp measuring 1.25 m dia and 31.7 cm deep and with a capacity to contain 340 litre oil. Calling it a ‘Lamp of Peace’ it was lit continuously from October 13 to October 17, 2010 at Palasbari Durga Puja. On the eve of Dussehra, taking the flame from this lamp, the idol of Ravana was burnt amid celebrations. The 25.525 kg lamp took 22 days to make.

Performing Bihu by 2,265 Artist – On 13 May 2012, a total of 2,265 traditionally-attired men and women played, sang and danced Bihu together at the Court Field in Jorhat. Most of the participants were students and teachers from 68 schools in and around Jorhat. The event which lasted for 21 minutes and 55 seconds, was organised under the aegiS of the Inspectorate of Schools of Jorhat, to promote the unity and universal brotherhood.

Most Women Singing Dihanaam Together • On the occasion of Independence Day on August 15, 2012, a total of 571 women, participated in the Dihanaam together for a duration of 8 minutes, at Chowkidinghee Field, Dibrugarh. The event was headed by Assamese folk singer Dolly Das.

Largest Guitar Ensemble • A total of 5,406 guitarists gathered together and played `Bistirno Parore’ (a musical reproduction of OF Man River by Paul Robeson), one of the favorite songs of the legendary musician Dr Bhupen Hazarika, in order to pay a tribute him, at an event organised by Hope June 3, 2012, at Sarusajai Stadium, Guwahati. Modification in Jacquard Looms for Extra Weft Insertion • Conventionally, the task of the insertion of weftthreads to make a variety of designs is done manually by tying knots. It is tedious, cumbersome and time consuming. The thread is also wasted in the connection between one motif and another. Deepak Bharali came up with a device consisting of three components; base frame, magnet-bearing shaft and specially designed bobbin.These components can be fitted to any handloom Jacquard machine. The innovation reduces the time required for making designs to one third of what is required in the traditional way of doing it. The product appeared in the market in the year 2007. Events, on

Sujit breaked the record of Gurpreet Singh Komal of Punjab who has made largest paint brush having size 14 ft 1.5 inch in length and 14.7 kgs in weight & also breaked the Guinness World Record of Primaria Municipiului Campina in Campina city, Romania made the largest paint brush 14 ft 3 inch in larght on the 20 September, 2009. 329 Punches in One Minute • Assamese boxerAbhijit Baruah, who is already a world record holder, has created another record — throwing 329 full contact punches in one minute on 13 October, 2012. Asia Book and India Book of Records have recognised Abhijit as the boxer with fastest hand speed in the world. Record with Multiple Events • By performing multiple events continuously since morning till the afternoon, Abhijit Baruah of Jorhat could successfully set another record. At 7.45 am on October 14, 2012, Abhijit started his first feat ‘non-stop running’ from the Jorhat Stadium to Sivasagar on NH-37. Abhijit reached his destination Gaurisagar (in Sivasagar) at 11.45 am and from there he took on his next feat ‘cycling’ at 11.57 am. The cycling feat ended at the Jorhat Stadium at 2.57 pm. The total distance covered in the 7 hours (cycling+running) was 99 kms. From there, he took on the next feats ‘push ups’, ‘sit ups’, ‘5 minutes boxing’, ‘running for 200 meters while carrying a load of 40 kg on his shoulders’ and at last he completed his feat ‘barefoot running’. He performed 27 full push-ups in 21 seconds starting at 3.00 pm and then performed 20 sit ups in 16 seconds at 3.01 pm. After that, he did boxing for 5 minutes on a punch pad from 3.04 pm till 3:09 pm. Then at 3:14 pm, he ran for a distance of 200 m carrying a sandbag weighing 40 kg in 1 minute 44 seconds and from there he returned back on barefoot (covering 200 m) in 36 seconds. Thus he ended his day by covering 7 skills of endurance one after the other in 7 hours and 37 minutes. During the entire course he did not stop even for a single moment. The India Book of Records has included his feat as a new kind of record with multiple events. Walks Backwards for 24 Hours • Babu Purohottam Das alias Aswini Das, a 29 year old youth from Niz Tapa village in Nalbari completed 24 hours of walking backward through Belsor, Singimari, Chamata, Nalbari, Kalitakuchi, Daulashal and Rampur areas of the district on May. 2012. He started his feat from Milan Bazar Chowk, Nalbari, on May 6, 2012 at 3.31 pm and concluded at Amayapur, Nalbari on May 7, 2012 at 3.45 pm. During this journey, though Babu Purushottam had initially planned to walk a distance of 90 km, he overshot his goal and ended up completing 104.40 kilometers within the time span of 24 hours and 14 minutes, without taking any break. He walked backward 6 kilometers per hour. The longest backward walking record till date is 44 km held by G Deo of Malaysia. Fastest Marathon on Hill Roads • Abhijit Baruah of Jorhat completed running 200 km non-stop in 26 hr 31 min. Starting from Jorhat at 6.00 pm on May 28, 2011 he ran up to Kaziranga National Park and returned to Jorhat at 8.31 pm the next day. His marathon involved running through hilly areas and against heavy rain. Longest Horn Pipe Playing Marathon

• Ananta Dutta (born on 28.10.1989), of Jorhat, played ‘single buffalo horn pipe’ (Mohor Singor Pepa) continuously for about 1 hour, by carrying weight of 400 kg from 3.45 pm to 4.35 pm on 5 July,2012 at Srimanta Sankar Kala Kristi Mandir Ranga Mancha, Atila Gaon, Jorhat.

Nabajyoti Borah ( born on Febraury 18, 1978), of Jorhat, played ‘double buffalo horn pipe’ (Juria Mohor Singor Papa) continuously for 24 minutes and 48 seconds, by carrying weight of 400 kg from 4.53 pm to 5.25 pm on July 7,2012 at Moinaporia,Jorhat. Blowing Fire From Mouth for.67 Times in 1 Minute Without Re-fueling • Gyanjyoti Saikia, a 15-year old boy of Hejarigaon, West Jorhat blew a total of 67 fire flames with his mouth in 1 minute without re-fuellling on 20 May, 2012 at the West Jorhat Sports Association’s playground, Jorhat. Pulling a Train Wagon • Constable Ranteswar Noeg (born March 1, 1978) of Guwahati, pulled a 32-tonne railway wagon by hiS hair for 50 m at New Bongaigaon railway station on December 15, 2010.

250 Needles Through the Face in 25 Minutes • Bhupen Chandra Das, a resident of Chakamtali, Hajo, has created a unique. record by inserting needle through his face. On 26 August 2012 at Suren Das College, Hajo, he inseted 250 needles into his face in 25 minutes. Largest Khol-playing Ensemble Assam, on 6 January, 2013, entered the ‘India Book of Records’ for the largest khol-playing ensemble. A total of 14,833 traditional khol players came together for a 15-minute performance at Titabor.

Longest Nonstop Cycling Marathon- Anil Mahanta (born on August 6, 1972) of Sivasagar, Assam, did cycling for 48 hours, 42 minutes and 40 seconds, covering 1093 laps and a total distance of 677.660 km starting at 4:47 p.m on March 8, 2013 and concluding at 5:30 p.m on March 10, 2013 at Nazira. The Longest Handmade Towel The 1.5 KM long piece of Assamese ‘Gamosa’ (hand wo-ven towel) entered the Guinness Book of Records on 8 April 2013. The closest & earlier record to this was a 101 mt long sheet of silk woven by an Indonesian trio in 2010.

Performed Yoga while Riding Motorbike Siddhartha Sankar Saikia (born on July 3, 1972) of Jorhat, per-formed a total of 62 yoga postures while riding a motorbike covering a distance of 800m within 55 min-utes, on March 31, 2013, on Nimati road, Jorhat. Bike Riding While Playing Instruments Basanta Das (born on January 1, 1992) of Sonitpur, rode bike for 75 km without using handle while playing traditional instru-ments : dhol, khol, sankha, flute, nagara, etc, on July 26, 2013. There is a special mention that these feats should never be tried by anyone without being under the watchful eye of a trainer.

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