Bhekuli Biya Or Frog Weddings

Frog weddings which is called as Bhekuli Biya in Assamese (Bhekuli means Frog and Biya means Marriage in Assamese) is a mythical marriage between two frogs to please the rain god during summer hoping it would open up the skies and bring the monsoon which ensures a good harvesting. Its also common some others parts of India like U.P., Maharastra, Tripura etc.
Assamese peoples strongly believe that performing a frog marriage will bring rains which bring the temperature down. This marriage performed following all the customs of a usual Assamese marriage. In this marriage, two frogs are caught and one is made a bride and the other groom and a wedding is arranged between those two frogs. Both the frogs are kept in different houses. The bride and the groom were “cleaned up” and the ceremonial fire was lit at the bride’s house where the pandit chanted the slokas to consolidate the marriage. The usual assamese marriage-songs are sung, and the guests are entertained like other marriages. The unusual bride and groom even dressed up for the special occasion. At the end of the ceremony, the bride and the groom are placed on a tiny rafter and allowed to float on a river. Frogs and toads are always associated with rains. It is belief among the Assamese peoples that during the marriage if the frogs croak, it rains.

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