Biswanath District- Assam Guide, Biswanath Ghat Assam Guide


Total Area     3000 sq km
Total Population    12,00,000
Male       NA
Female    NA
Sex Ratio    NA
Density     NA
Literacy Rate    NA
Male    NA
Female    NA
DistrictHead Quarter    Biswanath Chariali
Sub-Division Head Quarter
Biswanath Biswanath Chariali
Gohpur Gohpur


     Arunachal Pradesh on north, Brahmaputra on the south, Lakhimpur district on the east and Sonitpur district on the west.

Important Places :

      Biswanath Chariali, Gohpur, Helem, Bihali, Chatia/Sootea/Chatiya etc.
      Biswanath is one of newly created district in the year by 2015, declared by Assam Chief Minister on 15 August 2015. The district is created amalgamating Gohpur and most part of Biswanath sub-division on earlier Sonitpur district. The administrative headquarter is located at Biswanath Chariali. The district head quarter town of Biswanath district is Biswanath Chariali. It is also a place of great antiquity.
      There is one temple known as Biswanath temple located at the confluence of Briddhaganga (Buri-ganga) with the Brahma-putra. From the stone post, beam and other ruins found there it is believed that once there was a stone temple. Now there is no permanent temple. During the summer the temple remains under water. Only in winter worship is done by constructing temporary house. A mela is held there on the third day of the Assamese Bihu festival.
       Formerly a steamer-ghat, Biswanath Chariali is fast growing into a busy town. Chatia/Sootea/Chatiya is a railway station and important commercial centre on the North Trunk Road. The place was once a famous centre of pottery, brass and bell-metal works. A number of educational institutions including a Normal School have come up in Chatia and Chatia High School is stated to be the first rural high school established by the public in undivided Darrang district. Sub-divisional town of Biswanath district, Gohpur is a place of glorious struggle of the people of the area for the freedom of the country where the martyr Kanaklata Baruah and Mukunda Kakati were killed by police firing while attempting to hoist the national flag at Gohpur Police Station on 20th September, 1942.
 Details of Biswanath district is not yet available.

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