Name of the District Dhemaji
Sub-Division Dhemaji (Sadar)
Revenue Circle Dhemaji
Development Blocks Bordoloni
Murkongselek T. D.Block, Jonai
Total Nos. of Village 1315 Nos.
Un-inhabited Village 79 Nos
Inhabited Village 1236 Nos.
Total No. of revenue villages 1150 Nos.
Total No. of Gaon Panchayat 65 Nos.
Assembly Constituencies 113 Dhemaji (ST) LAC
114 Jonai (ST) LAC
Anchalik Panchayat Dhemaji Anchalik Panchayat
Machkhowa Anchalik Panchayat
Bordoloni Anchalik Panchayat
Sissiborgaon Anchalik Panchayat
Sissitongani Anchalik Panchayat
Zila Parishad Constituencies Dhemaji Zila Parishad Constituencies
Bordoloni Zila Parishad Constituencies
Machkhowa Zila Parishad Constituencies
Sissiborgaon Zila Parishad Constituencies
Sissitangani Zila Parishad Constituencies
Pub – Jonai Zila Parishad Constituencies
Simen Chapori Zila Parishad Constituencies
Police Station Dhemaji
Simen Chapori
Sengajan char Chapori
Police Outpost Bordoloni
Border Outpost Likabali

Population (2011 Census):

Total Population 686133
Male Population 351249
Female Population 334884
SC Population 44225
SC Male Population 23006
SC Female Population 21219
ST Population 325560
ST Male Population 165449
SC Population 160111
No. of Household 96949

Land Utilisation:

SN Area in Hectares Percentage
1 3,23,700.00
2 208 6.43
3 1,24,819.00 38.56
4 Area under plantation:
2534 0.78
513.14 0.16
1098 0.33
5 53,224.71 16.44
6 44,136.00 13.63
7 97,167.15 30.01

Boundaries :

Arunachal Pradesh on the north; Brahmaputra river and Tinsukia on the east. Brahmaputra and Dibrugarh on the south; and Lakhimpur on the west.

Rivers & Tributaries : Major river Brahmaputra.

Other Rivers & Tributaries: Goga, Simon, Subansiri, Gai, Jiyadhal, Tongani, Sisi, Kumotia, Dikarai etc.

Important Places : Dhemaji, Jonai, Murkangchelek. Dhemaji is a border district of north-east Assam which is situated on the north bank of the Brahmaputra. The district headquarter is Dhemaji and the two sub-divisions are Dhemaji and Jonai. This district is mostly inhabited by Tiwas, Misings and other plains tribes.

Dhemaji is one of the important frontier towns of the State. It is the main centre of trade and industry of the district. Jonai is the north-eastern most sub-division in India. Murkong-Chellek is the last railway station of the North-East Frontier Railways and thus serves as the gateway to the eastern districts of Arunachal Pradesh. Likabali in Dhemaji is the gateway to Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh. Malinithan or Malinisthan or abode of Malini is a temple site in ruins which is situated at the foot of the Siang hills under the Likabali sub-division of the West Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh. The ruins are located within the periphery of foothill township of Likabali and 1 km from the Silapathar-Along road. Mythologically Malinithan is related to Krishna of Dwaraka. It is in the local legend that Krishna and Rukmini on their way back to Dwaraka had rested at this place, where they were greeted by Lord Shiva and Parvati in their disguised forms as gardeners Whereupon being satisfied Krishna addressed Parvati as Malini and said that she would be worshipped henceforth at this place by her new name Malini. Since then the place became famous as Malinithan or abode of Malini. There are many such legends regarding this temple.

The ruins of Malinithan came to light in the first half of the last century when a troupe of the Indian Army had tried to clear up the jungle on that area. The archaeological investigation revealed three temple bases, six well decorated icons, and huge quantities of architectural members. Many other ancient relics have been found here through, large scale excavation. The elephant drawn carts found nowhere in the world add to its historical importance. Silapathar, Gogamukh, Laimekuri are some of the important places of the district. The Misings. one of the most colourful tribes of Assam breath Out sonorous music particularly during their festivals lileeAli-ai-Lrigang This annual festival, celebrated throughout the district draws large number of people from plains and Arunachal Pradesh.

Tourist Places:

A lot of places can be important from the perspective of tourism and archaeology. Some of them are:

  • Gerukamukh : Gerukamukh is located at a distance of 44 kilometers from the district Headquarters in the north-west direction. Regular communication is available from Dhemaji, Lakhimpur and Guwahati. In Gerukamukh Sobansiri, the Brahmaputra’s largest auxiliary river touches the plains with the hills, which provides a beautiful beauty with its virginity. This situation is favourable for angling and picnic parties. National Hydroelectric Power Corporation is implementing a mega hydro electric power project in Gerukamukh.


  • Malini Than : This place has been used by the Goddess for worshiping Malini since ancient times. Many historical monuments have also been excavated from the spot. It is located 42 km northwest of Dharmaji district.


  • Ghuguha Dol: It is historically believed that at this place, the Bamuni Konwar was then born son of Ahom King Tyao Khamti. Dol (temple) was built in the memory of mother Ngugh of Bamuni Konwar and is 17 km south of Dhemaji.


  • Maa  Manipuri Than:  During the later period of Ahom reign, it was worshiped by the then Ahom King Gaurinath Singh, in the form of a monument to help the Manipuries to control the Mua-Mariah Renaissance, from 25 km south of Dhemaji (i.e. worship of Place) was established.

   In addition to these the other important places of Dhemaji district.

 Rajgarh:  Garakhia Tha is located Under Machkhowa Mouza.

Garakhia Than:  Garakhia Tha is located 12 km from Dhemaji under Gohain   Mouza.

Rajgarh Ali:  A road is built by Prince Gohain Kamal and is 22 km away  from Dhemaji during the Konch Reigm.


Forest :

Botanically the forest of Dhemaji and Lakhimpur districts can be divided into three divisions viz. mixed, deciduous and mixed deciduous The jungle in the district is either deciduous or mixed allergy scattered in deciduous areas. Jungle resources are wood, bamboo and sugarcane covered with swamps covered with grass and reed. There are 9 reserved forests with an area of ​​53,224.11 hectares, which is only 16% of the total area of ​​the district. These forests contribute annual revenue of Rs.8.14 Lac. to the district’s coffers. In Dhemaji district, there are nine reserve forests, namely, Jiadhal, Subansiri, Sissi, Simen, Archiac, Jamjing, Senga, Gali and Pova, about which some data are available. These are given in the following tables.

 Forest Area:

Subansiri 17465.26
Jiadhal 1816
Sissi 906.26
Simen 881.26
Archiac (Dimow) 606.25
Jamjing 1618.71
Senga 9060
Gali 10647.24
Pova 10521.75

How to reach:

There is total road length of 43.75 Km under the state PWD and 141 Km. under the National Highway. Boarder Roads Organisation is maintaining NH-52. At present BRO is taking measures to avoid unwanted breach of communication at vulnerable points along with repairing of the rest.

Air: The nearest airport is Lilabari in Lakhimpur and One can go to Guwahati airport.

Road: The National Highway No. 52 passes through Dhemaji district. It extends upto Jonai (Murkongselek). 12 hour journey from Guwahati. Busses ply from Tezpur and Nagaon. Direct bus communication available from Pasighat, Alongand Itanagar of Arunachal Pradesh.

Train: A Good Railway communication is available from Guwahati and Alipur.

Ferry: Ferry services are available from Dibrugarh through Dibru Sonari Burisuti, Dibru Sissi Machkhowa, Dibru Majarbari and Bogibeel Kareng Ghats. Ferries climbs from 7:40 AM every hour through the Bobideel Kareng Ghat. to 4:00 PM to the Kareng Ghat and from 8:00 AM every hour from Bogibeel side until 4:00 PM.


Dhemaji district was held on 14th August / 1 October 1989. This includes some parts of the erstwhile Dhemaji and Jonai sub-division and Machkhowa Mouza and Bordonii. Forted by arch shaped Arunachal hills on the North and the East, the district emerges from the foothills and stretches to the Brahmaputra river with Subansiri one side and the river Siang on the other. Geographically situated between the 940 12′ 18” E and 95041′ 32” E longitudes and 270 05′ 27” N and 270 57′ 16” N latitudes, the district covers an area of 3237 Sq. Km and is a basically plain area lying at an altitude of 104 m above the Mean Sea Level.


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