Area: 1686 sq km

 Total Population 9.31,218

 Sex Ratio NA

 Density: NA

 Literacy Rate: NA

District HQ Hojai(Sankardev Nagar)

Sub-Division One. Hojai.

Boundaries : Nagaon district on the north; Karbi Anglong district on the east; Dima Hasao district on the south and West Karbi Anglong District on the west.

 Important Places : Lumding, Lanka, Mourabazar, Neelbagan. Jamunamukh, Doboka etc. • Hojai district was formed on 15 August 2015 Hojai is the headquarter of the new district. Hojai district is formed with three thesds of Nagaon district named Hojai, Doboka and Lanka Hojai district has three assembly constituencies. They are Jamunamukh, Hojai, and Lumding. Hojai district is also part of Nowgong Lok Sabha constituency.

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