Area Total Population Male Female Sex Ratio Density Literacy Rate Male Female. District HQ Sub-Division. Sub-Division 3,483.77 sq km 15,17,542 7,78,461 7,39,081 949 female per 1000 male 489 persons per sq km 75.55% 81 30% 69.47% Amingaon Two. : HO. Kamrup Sadar Guwahati Rangia Rangia Boundaries : Kamrup Metropolitan and Darrang District on the east, Baksa, Barpeta and Nalbari on the north, Meghalaya on the south and Goaipara to the West. Rivers & Tributaries : Brahmaputra, Digaru, Bhorolu, Bornodi, Puthimari, Kulchi, etc.

 Important Places : Hajo, Rangia, Sualkuchi, Palashbari. Kamrup had figured prom-inently in the State’s past history and in pre-historic myths and legends. The ancient name of Assam was also Kamrup. According to myths in Purana. Kamdeva, the God of love, regained his life in this place because of which this place came to be known as Kanimpa. Initially, Kamrup was the most density populated district in entire Assam. But, on 3 February, 2003, the state government divided this district to form the Kamrup District and the Kamrup Metropolitan District. Amingaon is the district headquarter of Kamrup District.

The district sub-division town Rangia, a busy railway junction which serves also as a gateway to the eastern Bhutan. The famous holy place of Assam, Hajo, is situated at 32 km off Guwahati. This pilgrimage located at the north bank of Brahmaputra is also known as Panchatirlha. Hayagriba Madhava, Kedareswara. Kamaleswara, Kames-wara and Ganesha — these five pilgrimage of Hindus are located here. The mosque at Hajo is believed to have one fourth (Poa) ‘sanctity of Mecca and is hence called Poa-Mecca. The Buddhists also cherish the belief that Lord Buddha had his nirvana in this town. For the peaceful co-existance, harmony and integration of these three religions, Hajo is also called the Triveni Sangam of religion. Hajo is an important tourit place of Assam. Sualkuchi situated at a distance of 24 km from Guwahati is a renowned centre of silk production. Other important places are Mirza, Boko and Palashbari.

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