Area : 3,165.44 sq km Total Population : 8,87,142 Male : 4.52,905 Female : 4,34.237 Sex Ratio : 959 female per 1000 male Density : 269 persons per sq km Literacy Rate : 65.22% Male : 71.89% Female : 51.27% District HQ : Kokrajhar Sub-Division : Three. Sub-Division : HQ Kokrajhar Kokrajhar Gossaigaon Gossaigaon Parbatjhora • Kajigaon

Boundaries : Bhutan on the north; Chirang and Bongaigaon on the east; Dhubri on the south; and West Bengal on the west. Rivers & Tributaries : Manas Ai, Sampawati, Saral-bhanga, Son-koch.

Beel : Taiparjhar.

Important Places : Kokrajhar, Fakiragram, Bijni, Sakti Ashram.

‘Kokrajhar is a district of west Assam. The district can be described as the gateway to the north eastern region of India. Both road and rail touches this district at Srirampur. Kokrajhar district is located on the north bank of the river Brahmaputra. The colourful Bodo community comprises the majority in Kokrajhar district It also has a sizeable Rajbongshi and Santhal population Kokrajhar was originally a part of undivided Goalpara district. Till 1956. it was merely a small village with a railway station that connected it to the rest of the country. In 1957, a new civil sub-division was created after carving out the northern part of Dhubri sub-division and some parts of Goalpara sub-division. This new sub-division was called Kokrajhar sub-division On lit July, 1983 Kokrajhar sub-division was upgraded into Kokrajhar district with its headquarters at Kokrajhar town. In 1989, there was further reorganisation of the district. Thus. about 40% of the total geographical area of Kokrajhar district was carved out for inclusion in the new district of Bongaigaon. Later on 20 villages of Naikgaon GP with a total area 40.22 sq km under Chapar Revenue Circle of Dhubri district was transferred to Kokrajhar district. The district now has two revenue sub-divisions Kokrajhar and Gossaigaon. The district is situated in a humid sub-tropical climate that is characteristic of the lower Brahmaputra Valley of Assam. There is high rainfall and humidity. Kokrajhar, the district headquarter town is the centre of learning and education of the district Kokrajhar has. a flourishing railway station Kokrajhar is also the headquarter of the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) which was created in 2003. The whole district is predominantly inhabilated by colourful people of Bodo tribes, rich in folk dance and music. It is also a prominent centre of timber business. Sikhanjhar, a wild life reserved forest is 35 km away from here. Gossaigaon is an important trade centre. Fakiragram lies between Sapat-gram and Kokrajhar. It is an important railway station and a business centre and its proximity to several reserved forests makes the place the biggest timber depot in Assam. There is an Ed cultivation and Eri weaving centre in Kokrajhar.

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