Area 880 sq km (according to Guinness World Records, 2016)

Total Population 2,50,000 (approx)

 Sex Ratio NA

Density 300 persoris per sq km

Literacy Rate NA

Ethnic Groups- Mishing, Deori, Sonowal Kacharis

 District HQ- Garmur

 Sub-Division One. Garmur

. Rivers & Tributaries : Tuni, Brahmaputra.

Important Places : Garmur, Kamalabari, Jengraimukh, Dakhinpat etc. Majuli District is one of the largest inhabited islands in the world and also first river island district of the country. In Sep-tember, 2016 Majuli is recognised by ‘Guinness World Records’ as World’s Largest River Island. Majuli is situated in the northern part of Jorhat District separated from the main land by the river Brahmaputra. On 8 September, 2016 Sarbananda Sonowal, the Chief Minister of Assam formally declared Majuli as a district. Majuli carved out of the Northern parts of Jorhat. Earlier Majuli was a sub-division of Jorhat district. Majuli has a rich and diverse agricultural tradition, with as Many as 100 varieties of rice grown, all without pesticides or artificial fertilisers. Handloom is a major occupation among the distaff popu-lation of the villages. Although largely a non-commercial oc-cupation, it keeps many of the inhabitants occupied. Weav-ing is exquisite and intricate with the use of a variety of colours and textures of cotton and silk, especially Muga silk. • Among the fascinating arrays of rice produced are the Komal Saul, a unique type that can be eaten after immersing the grains in warm water for 15 minutes and usually eaten as a breakfast cereal; the bao dhan, that grows under water and is harvested after ten months and the Bora saul, a sticky brown rice used to make the traditional cake known as pitha. Fishing, dairying, Pottery, handloomand boat-making are other important economic activities. Majuli falls under the 99 constituency of legislative assem-bly of Assam. It is a reserved seat for the Scheduled tribes (ST). Majuli is one of the 9 assembly segments of Lakhimpur Lok Sabha constituency. Situated in the midst of river Brahmaputra, Majuli is a place of great interest for the Assamese Vaishnavites because of the location there of several Satras which besides being re-ligious monasteries are also the strongholds of important elements of Assamese art and culture. The major Satras like Kamalabari, Dakhinpat. Garmur, Auniati,. Bengenaati, Samaguri all are situated in Majuli. In Majuli, there were 65 Satras growing up for propagation of ethics and sociocul-tural ideals. But at present there are only 22 satras in Majuli. The other had to be shifted to other safer places due to dev-astation of flood and erosion. Due to the frequent flood of the Brahmaputra Majuli suf-felt heavy erosion. In the last 30-40 years it is estimated that it has lost around one third of its area.

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