Area` .: 1009.57 sq km

 Total Population : 7,71,639

 Male :3,96,006

Female :315,633

Sex Ratio : 949 female per 1000 male

Density : 733 persons per sq km

 Literacy Rate : 78.63%

Male :84.36%

Female : 72.57%

District HQ : Nalbari

 Sub-Division : Three.

 Sub-Division : HQ

 Nalbari: Nalbari

 Tihu:   Tihu

Mukalmua: Mukalmua

Boundaries: Baksa on the north: Kamrup on the east; Brahmaputra river on the south; and Barpeta on the west. Rivers 8 Tributaries : Brahmaputra, Pagladiya, Borolia, Burhada Important Places : Tamulpur, Chamata. Nathkuchi, Tihu. Kumarikata Nalbari was declared a sub-division of undivided Kamrup district in 1967 Nalbari sub-division was formally declared as a district on 14,” August, 1985. The entire area of the district is situated at the plains of the Brahmaputra Valley. The tributaries of the Brahmaputra namely Nona. Burhadia, Pagladiya. Borolia and Tihu, which originate from the foothills of the Himalayan Range are wild in nature and contribute enormously towards the agraian economy of the district. The soil condition of the district is heterogenous. The soil of the northern part of the district is clayey and loamy whereas the middle part is loamy and sandy. The soil of the southern part of the district is sandy. The district has a sub-tropical climate with semi-dry hot summer and cold winter. During summer (May to August), heavy rainfall occurs for which the district experiences flood. The district experiences annual average rainfall of 1500 mm and humidity of 80%.

 The district headquarter Nalbari is a famous town of lower Assam. Nalbari has been famous as a seat of Sanskrit learning from the ancient times. It was described as the Nabadwap of Assam in the past. The Sanskrit college of Nalbari and  the numerous Tols spread all over the district is a testimony of this legacy even today. Nalbari, the centre of education and culture is also the centre of trade and commerce of the district. It is a railway station. The town is well connected by road and rail with most of the places of lower Assam. Chamata, Mukalmua, Bijulighat, Kamarkuchi, Daulasal are some of the imortant places other district.

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