No Khuwa

In Assamese No means – New & Khuwa means – to eat, and altogether it means New Things to eat. In Assam almost 80% of the population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture. The majority of the land in the State is owned by Small and Marginal farmers. Rice is the main food crop in Assam’s agriculture as it is the main diet of Assamese peoples.
No khuwa which is basically a feast, is very popular and famous celebration among Assamese peoples specially in rural areas. During the months of October-November which is the end of harvesting season in assam, near by peoples are get together and have feast known as No khuwa. This festival is celebrated for taking the first taste of newly cultivated crops mainly rice. The host invite the neighbours and his relatives to share the moments with them. Assamese peoples likes non-veg foods much, so various types of non-veg foods specially fish and duck meat is also available. Through this ritual celebration the people actually thank God by for providing them such foods.

In some places mostly in rural areas it is celebrated together among all the peoples in Naamghar (a ritual place of assamese peoples). Peoples get together in Naamghar and bring newly cultivated rice and other things from home. Naamghariya cook the food and all the peoples eat together. It is said that, if one not celebare no khuwa they cant taste the newly cultivated crops.

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