Area* : 2,280.58 sq km

 Total Population : 19,24,110 (Undivided Sonitpur)

 Male : 9,83,904, Female : 9,40.206

Sex Ratio : 956 female per 1000 male

Density : 370 persons per sq km

Literacy Rate : 67.34%

 Male : 73.65%

Female : 60.73%

District HQ : Tezpur

 Sub-Division : Two. .

Sub-Division : HQ

Tezpur:- Tezpur

Dhekiajuli:- Dhekiajuli Town

Boundaries : Arunachal Pradesh on the north; Biswanath on east; Brahmaputra river on the south; and Darrang and Udalguri on the west. Rivers & Tributaries : Brahmaputra, Kharoi, Buroi; Brahmajan, Bihali, Bargang, Burhigang, Bhoroli, Belshiri, Pachnoi, Dikorai, Ghiladhari.

Beel : Rowmari, Dighali, Borchala, Rongapani, Dhanda. Airport : Salani.

Important Places : Tezpur. Rangapara. Chariduar and Dhekiajuli Sonitpur is a district of north Assam. TeZpur and Dhekiajuli are the two sub-divisons of Sonitpur. The district headquarter Tezpur is one of the most important centre of art, culture and education of the district. Puranic famed Tezpur is associated with the legends of Usha’s love with Aniruddha and Battle of Hari-Nara. In the Battle of Hari-Hara gush of blood flew like a river for which the place was named as Sonitpur and then it became Tezpur. Architectural remains including the Agnigarh Hill. the Bamuni Hill, the Bhairavi temple, the Mahabhairab temple and the twin lakes : Bar Pukhun and Padum Phukhuri found in and around the modern town still preserve the memory of King Bane and his daughter Usha. Ruins of stone temples discovered at Da-Parbatia are some of the earliest specimens of architecture and stone curving in Assam. Almost 3.05 km long Kalia Bhomora bridge over the Brahmaputra has connected Tezpur with Silghat at its South Bank. Well connected by road. rail and air ways, the town is fast growing in commercial and industrial important. Besides a number of educational institutions, the first central university of Assam is.also located here. The famous Ban Stage is one of the oldest theatre halls of the State. The residence of Jyotiprasad Agarwala Pokee (now Jyoti Bharati museam) is also located in this town. Special mention may be made of the mental hospital at Tezpur which is the only institution of its kind in the State. Tezpur has a great legacy of enormous contribution towards the field of art and culture of the State. On 15 August. 2015 Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi announced the formation of a new district named Biswanath. This district is out of Sonitpur district. Due to creation of the new district, the area, population etc. of Sonitpur district is affected.

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