Area : 1673.94 sq km

Total Population : 8.31,668

Male :4,21,617

 Female : 4,10,051

Sex Ratio : 973 female per 1000 male

Density : 413 persons per sq km

Literacy Rate : 65.41%

Male : 72.58%

Female :58.05%

District HQ : Udalguri

Sub-Division : Two

Sub-Division : HQ

 Udalguri:- Udalguri

Vergaon:- Vergaon

 Boundaries : Arunachal Pradesh and Bhutan to the north, Darang district to the south, Sonitpur district to the east and Baksa district to the west.

Main Rivers & Tributaries : Dhansiri.

Important Places : Udalguri, Orang National Park, Bornadi Sanctuary.

Udalguri is a district of the north Assam, and the district headquarter with the same name as that of the district. Udalguri was a civil sub-division under Darrang district prior to the formation of Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC). But after signing of the Tripartite Peace Agreement on 10′” February of 2003 through a Memorandum of Settlement between the Bodo Liberation Tigers (BLT), Government of India and the Government of Assam, the BTC came into being in the wake of amendnt of the Sixth Schedule of the constituation of India. As a part of the settlement, an Autonomus Council called Bodoland Territorial Area District (BTAD) was created and Udalguri was founded, comprising of some sections of Darrang and Sonitpur district. Udalguri is now one of the four districts under BTAD. It was formally inaugurated as a district on June 14, 2004. The famous Orang National Park and Bornodi Sanctuary are situated in this district. Udalguri, the name itself originates from flora origin. Oda!, a tree, +suffix GoonGuri means roots, surrounding it i.e., a place surrounding the Udal tree. Some want to say that the name centres round a ‘Odal tree’, while others are of the opinion that the name of the place became Udalguri because there was a hermitage of a saga named Udalak Muni. But, perhaps ‘Ordal’ + ‘Gundn’ the name became Ordlagundri > Odalguri > Udalgun. Bodo people still pronounce the name as Odalguri. In Bodo. language ‘Ordla’ means wide and spacious and ‘Gandri’ means powdered object. In olden days when river like Golondi, Khaorong, Doisam, Dhanasiri, etc were in spate, during the monsoon these river overflowed to submerge entire Udalguri area leaving full of sands when they became dry. Witnessing that scene, probably the Bodo people named the place as Odalguri or Udalgun, a very vast place full of sands. The district headquarter Udalguri is an important town of north Assam. The town is situated at 32 km to the north of Mangoldoi, the district headquarter of Darang district and 140 km from State capital. Udalguri is a cultural centre for the tribal people and every year a large Mela (fair) is organised there. The Bhutanese people from neighborhood Bhutan have been participating in this Mela with various items and products since the 19′” century. During the beginning phase of their ruling, the British government built a fort there and arranged for the armed forces to reside. Udalguri is one of the mass producers of rice and paddy in Assam. It is a central Place of education of the district.

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